March 07, 2006

Carnival of Liberty XXXV

Welcome to the Carnival of Liberty, a showcase of posts [the way I see it anyway] about the interaction of government and diminishing freedom. Administrative stuff first: the carnival is largely the work of the Life, Liberty, Property Group, although anyone with topical posts is welcome to join the carnival. Thanks go to Doug Mataconis of Below the Beltway for providing administrative oversight to the carnival. The Hosting Schedule of future carnivals is here; next week's carnival is at The Unrepentant Individual. The Carnival of Liberty is a proud part of the Truth Laid Bear UberCarnival.

TKC at The Pubcrawler presents Maryland's Road to Serfdom , discussing Maryland's incremental moves to socialized medicine, and why that's a really bad idea.

Gullyborg at Resistance is futile! presents Land Use , specifically The State of Oregon's look at it's land use.

Mark A. Rayner at The Skwib presents Alternate History Friday: Dr. Tundra, international infidel of mystery , envisioning some of the possible consequences of an Islamist takeover of Europe.

Spank That Donkey at Spank That Donkey presents Rusting Hulk Symbolizes France, describing an old, worn out aircraft carrier, presumably to draw a parallel to an aging socialist nation.

Dan Melson at Searchlight Crusade presents Home Loans For Illegal Immigrants , describing a intersection of various government policies, leading to a seemingly crazy outcome.

mensa barbie at Mensa Barbie Welcomes You presents Breaking the Loop: Op-EF , describes the consequences of the USSR's pullout from Afganistan, and hopes that history won't repeat.

Doug Mataconis at Below The Beltway presents The Price of Government Intervention , points out a clear case of Good Intentions leading to Bad Outcomes, in a local housing market.

Hogarth at Forward Biased asks What Is Freedom?, with regard to Freedom of Speech, and argues it isn't the same thing as Freedom to Never Be Offended.

Stephen Littau at Fearless Philosophy for Free Minds presents Are Teacherís Unions a Greater Threat to Liberty than Terrorism? , examines some arguments made elsewhere, and answers "Yes."

Adam Graham, at Adam's View, presents If National Health Care's So Great..., and shows evidence that Canada's Nationalized Health Care is breaking down.

FMIL at Teapot Tantrums presents Green Is the New Red describes some interactions between environmental groups and socialist or communist groups, and recommends a book.

Perry Eidelbus at Eidelblog presents The storm after the storm: "public" and "private" property , with some thoughts that snowball into a long post about property rights [sorry, couldn't resist the pun]

tom wright at The Wrightwing presents Anonymous Welcome , points out a bill proposed in New Jersey that would have consequences on free speech on the internet.

Mr. Ogre at Ogre's Politics and Views presents School Board Sues State pointing out the absurdity of a taxpayer funded institution suing another.

That's it for this week. If I've made a mistake or missed a post please either comment or email me at owlishmutterings at Thanks.

UPDATE: I seem to have missed a post: From Radical Libertarians, Debunking Statist Concepts. Unfortunately, I think blogspot is down currently, as I can't get to his site or several other blogspot site. I'll check again later, and make sure I've got the links right.

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