February 19, 2006

Saturday Mardi Gras, 2006

It turned out to be a nice day, if quite cold [down in the 40s, strong wind blowing, somewhat damp].

I mostly heard 3 bands:

The Bilge Pumps: A mostly a capella pirate singing group, doing mostly old songs with new twists.

What do you do with a drunken sailor?
Make him the captain of the Exxon Valdez...

More enthusiastic than musically precise, but still fun.

Joe King Carrasco

A mix between rock, latino, and zydeco, maybe? Decent, listened to most of the set.

The Hamilton Loomis Band

I'm not even going to attempt to categorize this. This was the primary band my friends came down to see, and one we had seen several times before. They rocked, and we stayed for the whole set, even though we were getting freakin' cold.

The other random thoughts involved our random discussions. At one point one of the guys mentioned the "freakin' Danes" and the cartoons of Mohammed. I countered with freedom of expression that can't offend anyone isn't freedom, and said I wanted South Park to show Mohammed, in their usual style. The guy thought Mohammed had already made an appearance in the movie, but the other guy corrected him.

If this is what exists in intelligent, relatively conservative, relatively politically aware Texans, what is it like in more liberal places? So I can't move to rural America or California/Bosnywash. Basically, I'm doomed.

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