February 13, 2006

OwlCon 2006 After Action Report

I went to OwlCon last weekend, Rice's gaming convention. Quite a bit of fun. Hung out a fair bit with the guys I've been playing Exalted with, played Munchkin, did some Roleplaying with Dark Age: Fae, and participated in a Paranoia LARP. The LARP was interesting, and kinda fun, but purposefully annoying at the same time. Out of 30 people, I think 5 quit in the middle, a couple got some upset stomachs from tasting "Cold Fun," which was apparently a mix of vanilla ice cream, wasabi, garlic, and a couple of other strong flavors. Moderately nasty. For a while I was handing out "Bouncy Bubbly Beverage," both in Classic and New flavors, which was green colored boullion. By the time "Hot Fun" got on the scene [overcooked ramen noodles with god knows what else] everyone was lying, saying they had tasted it.

There were a couple of guys at the LARP I couldn't decide if they were gay, artistic types, or both. Not so much with the general gaming crowd.

Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games is apparently a Rice alumnus, and attended. He wasn't around when I was looking for stuff to do, so I never met him.

It's pretty clear the people I'm roleplaying with have no clue that I'm gay, and I don't think I'm going to come out to them, at least for a while. I don't think it would be a significant problem, but it could be awkward. Found out a little more about them- the storyguide was in the military for 4 years, and I think got an honorable discharge, which has helped with his college education. He met his wife in the military. Given his tendency to immediately say whatever he's thinking, I'm kind of surprised he made it through without mouthing off to the wrong guy.

So, relatively busy weekend, and kind of fun.

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