February 02, 2006

Mohammad Pics, The Continuing Story

I was watching NBC world news, and they mentioned the pictures, and specifically refused to show them. They also showed various idiots in Gaza, shooting guns into the air and insisting on various actions to be taken by European governments in the next 48 hours.

And they showed mayonaisse [well, a jar filled with white stuff with arabic writing, maybe it was pus, I don't know] being taken off grocery shelves in some useless country.

And if this is the reaction to some drawings, maybe a couple of which could be called a political cartoon, I want to see the reaction if/when South Park shows Mohammad in a threeway with Satan and Saddam, in Hell, maybe with some pigs or dogs involved as well.

Anyway, buy Danish [especially LEGOs!], and if anyone is having difficulty finding copies of the pics, I stole them from the LlamaButchers.

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