January 22, 2006

Exalted Role Playing Game

It's been an odd week. I got an email from a guy at the beginning of the week, saying he was looking for players for an Exalted game, and wondering if I was interested. We exchanged some information, he gave me a wrong phone number, and I was emotionally sure I had screwed up somewhere. The next day he contacted me again, apologized, and we met yesterday to talk and make a character.

It went reasonably well. The guy is the GM, and has fully bought into White Wolf's concept of roleplaying as telling a story. Which is probably better for me than "roll-playing," but since I don't really know the game system, it's going to be interesting.

I told them I was a psychiatrist, when the matter of professions came up. I didn't tell them I was gay- no obvious opportunity, and I think I want to build up a little trust before getting too personal. The GM is married, and appreciative of hot women. The players group apparently includes two women, one his wife, which is more than I would normally expect.

If anyone cares, all the characters are Dragon-Blooded, which seems kind of like playing a bunch of Technomancers in Mage- in other games, you would probably be the confused, deluded, but well intentioned opposition. I ended up with a Air blooded jack of all trades able to do sorcery.

Which, for WW games, seems like a bad idea. It makes more sense to me to have a group of characters, each one able to do something extremely well. But, that wasn't what the guy recommended, so who am I to argue. Hopefully the majority of the game isn't combat, since if it is, I'm screwed.

Perhaps related, weird dreams last night. I was a superhero trying to get everyone to leave a mining camp, which was going to blow up. Looking through binoculars, I saw a herd of deer, with flames for antlers. I was in a jeep, and couldn't get the CB to work. I was inside a room, and a bunch of bikers were trying to break in to kill me, so I killed some and the rest ran away.

Very little clue what any of it means, if it has any meaning at all.

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