November 07, 2005

Newspapers Going Manga!

Newspapers are losing readers hand over fist, but now a Bold New Idea has come!

Some idiot noticed that Manga have a following in younger people, so they think they can get more readers if they offer a couple of Manga strips in the comics section.

Hey, guys, give it up. Your current business model is failing, and will only get worse. Sales that would in the past go into the classifieds are going on eBay, lonely men looking for lonely women/men/houseplants go to a zillion different web sites, and the people that once read your paper, without fail, every day, are now reading blogs and online news sources. And all of those things work better online than they do with the dead tree edition.

A few bells and whistles aren't going to do the job. Transform or get left behind. Or hope that the UN takes over the internet, and essentially destroys it.

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