September 19, 2005

PETA Survey

Rachel Ann has a survey she has posted, on your thoughts on PETA.

1.PETA--what is the first image that comes to your mind hearing the name? Some sort of advertisement on a billboard.

2.How do you react emotionally?
Somewhat aggravated.

3.Do you agree or disagree with PETA's overall message?

4.Do you agree or disagree with how PETA presents that message?
Not sure quite what you mean. I have yet to be impressed by any of their advertising.

5.Are (or were) you a vegetarian?
Heh. Nope, nohow, noway.

6.Do you own any pets?

7.What rights over animals do you think humans should have?

8.Is experimentation on animals always wrong? Sometimes wrong? And if permissable when, what types of experiments, and how should they be conducted?
It's only wrong [if ever] when it has effects on humans - for example, cruelty to animals for cruelty's sake does bad things to people.

9. To what uses can we put animals? (Pets only, aide animals etc.)
Pretty much anything. Fur, food, pets, medical experiments...

10. Including PETA, what animal rights groups (if any) do you support?

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Thank you very much for taking my survey!
Please, if anyone else takes this either trackback to me or send me an e-mail as I want to hear what you say!
thank you again,
Rachel Ann

Posted by: Rachel Ann at September 19, 2005 12:48 PM
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