August 26, 2005

St Arnold's Pub Crawl Octoberfest

Quite a few hits for this today. So yes, there is a pub crawl tonight. Unfortunately, I'm sick enough that I'm not going.


6:00 We'll park in Shepherd Plaza and look for a place on Sandman to start. There is also parking on the roof of the Plaza. This is encouraged.
7:00 We'll walk across Shepherd Plaza to the west, jog down Greenbriar to Norfolk and go along Norfolk until we find someplace to quench our thirst.
8:00 Head north to Portsmouth, go east until we find another nice place for a pint. There should be two spots (one of which might face Richmond) from which to choose to quench your thirst.
9:00 Return to Shepherd Plaza for the final stop.

Sorry, I usually go with a couple of guys who know all the bars in Houston, I don't know which specific bars these are. It's usually fairly obvious though.

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