August 24, 2005

Gay Marriage

Joe.My.God has two interesting posts, this one writing about his views on gay marriage in general, and this one doing some investigative reporting on marriage in Massachusettes.

The money 'graph from the first one:

But basically, I'm in the camp that believes that marriage is an ultimately false social construct, invented to own property and persons, and perpetuated to maintain social status. It rings false to me, personally, on so many levels.

The general data from the second one:

Preliminary number of marriage certificates issued and registered in Massachusetts from May 17 to December 31, 2004:

Male/Female: 27,045
Male/Male: 2,123
Female/Female: 3,871

While he does use "salty" language in his blog at times, these posts are relatively safe [unless the words dyke or fag offend].

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