August 14, 2005

LoTR/QaF Crossover

Ok, I thought the Angel/QaF crossover was a little strange [well writen, though]. But a Lord of the Rings/Queer as Folk? [so far, maybe PG-13, although other stories on the page go further].

Then there's a Firefly/X-Files/QaF/Angel/Lex Luthur [not really, just the characters sitting together, talking]

Black Hawk Down/QaF?

Velvet Goldmine?/QaF


Random Slash

This Angel/ Queer Eye crossover is pretty good. From this page.

[Cut to “QE” logo, then final series of “Hip Tip” segments, cutting to each speaker in turn.]

TED: If you’re making dinner for your favorite vampire, keep in mind that they often like very spicy food. So try making two batches: one you make for yourself, and one you dump a can of hot spice into. And if you’re serving steak? Tartare, of course.

JAI: Ladies, don’t put too many romantic expectations on your special vampire. Remember, underneath that hunky exterior lies a creature of evil. Demons and dating don’t always mix.

KYAN: Your friends come to visit and notice an odor. They ask you “what died in here?” Bad news, my vamp friend. YOU did! Body odor is even more of a concern for the dead than it is for the living. Showering regularly with scented soaps, and using cologne can go a long way toward keeping you smelling as good as the day you died.

THOM: Can’t have windows? Use landscape posters! Can’t use mirrors? Use video cameras! Mount a camera and monitor where your bathroom mirror would be. And connect a camera to your living room TV set to use as a full length mirror!

CARSON: Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean your clothes have to announce it. Stick with natural fibers: there’s no excuse for polyester no matter HOW long ago you lived. And you can still be evil in colors other than black. Your victims’ deaths will be more pleasant if their last thoughts are “at least I’m being killed by a vampire who dresses well.”

[Roll closing credits. End.]

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