August 06, 2005


A quite subtle, nuanced essay [ok, maybe a little over-the-top, but still fun]. Via Daily Brief.

There are those, of course, who will say that this is just going to make the situation worse because its going to perpetuate the myth that the civilized nations of the West are against Muslims. To these people I say: Lick my balls. The civilized nations of the West are against Muslims. Were against those Muslims who stand up in what are supposed to be holy places and call for murder and mayhem. Were against those Muslims who yell God is great! while plotting the deaths of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of innocent people.

And in particular, were against those Muslims who, while they dont incite or commit violence themselves, give tacit approval to those who do by embracing the culture of victimhood and wrapping themselves in the star and crescent any time anybody with pale skin has the audacity to criticize almighty Islam.

To the Muslims of the United Kingdom and elsewhere: Grow a pair, already. Recognize that your dream of a world state united under Islamic law just aint gonna happen, not unless you slaughter billions in a Final Solution that would have made even Hitler gag on his schnitzel. Recognize that every time a Muslim teenager perpetrates, or even attempts, murder, he puts your community one step closer to utter annihilation. Because I swear to God above, if you guys continue to push this, if you guys continue to commit murder in the name of some fucked-up idea of divine justice, the day will come in my lifetime when Mecca is an uninhabitable crater and Islam is something our kids have to study about in history class. We will raise up an army the likes of which this world has never seen and we will destroy you before you can destroy us. Believe it.

Nobody wants that. Were willing, but we are not bloodthirsty. We are resolved, but we are not resigned. Abandon your agenda of death and well all live happily ever after.

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