July 18, 2005

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

The AnarchAngel points to this article on the WoT.

The kickers:

"Our first hindrance is moral equivalence. For the hard Left there is no absolute right and wrong since amorality is defined arbitrarily and only by those in power.
Our second shackle is utopian pacifism — ‘war never solved anything’ and ‘violence only begets violence.’
The third restraint is multiculturalism, or the idea that all social practices are of equal merit. Who are we to generalize that the regimes and fundamentalist sects of the Middle East result in economic backwardness, intolerance of religious and ethnic minorities, gender apartheid, racism, homophobia, and patriarchy? Being different from the West is never being worse."

The AnarchAngel is also showing a lot of, to use psych speak, "expressed emotion." Lots of letters and emails showing support, some from [to use a phrase from His Imperial Majesty] "simian Assholes for Allah" apparently threatening things from death to vague legal attacks.

Also from His Imperial Majesty:
Oh, and Mohammed was a pedophile homosexual with a tendency to shag livestock, and the "holy" book of execrable crap that he wrote is great for draining bacon fat with. It really sucks as toilet paper, however. Trust us, we tried. No wonder you wipe with your hands.


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