August 26, 2004


Ok, so here's the story. My sister was in a wreck about 10 days ago, and broke her foot. Some other scrapes and scratches, but nothing else serious. She was coming back to her apartment in Lawrence, Kansas, to which she had moved about 2 months ago and then spent 6 weeks in Utah. She asked for help, both because she had been planning on moving again anyway, and not being able to drive made it more urgent, and because essentially the only food in the house was a bag of chicken sandwiches she picked up from Burger King on the way back from the ER.

Most of her furniture is still in storage [in Kansas], otherwise we would have hired movers.

Anyway, so I was mover, chauffeur, grocery shopper, and entertainer for 5 days, while sleeping on a mattress on the floor and bathing in a tub that made me feel dirtier after the bath than before. Not to mention all the little nervous habits she has, which irritated me in high school, now just piss me off.

And to go I had to break a promise I made to my friends about 3 months ago.

Basically, I'm glad I'm not in Kansas any more. [The whole walk into Walmart and everyone is Caucasian experience, the rest area with a historic plaque recognizing a mass murderer, the spice is evil attitude just add to that feeling].

So, last night I considered getting completely shitfaced, but didn't have the energy, or the heart, or something, so I just killed stuff in Diablo 2. Whee.

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