October 10, 2004

Friends and Family

Potomac Ponderings is in a quandry because she wants to tell her parents she's going to be on the radio, but doesn't want to tell them she blogs. Llamabutchers reports not wanting to tell family: "Long story short: it would cramp the humor (or attempts thereunto)."

From my standpoint, there are 3 groups I have concerns about knowing I blog: family, some friends, and people I would come into professional contact with. I have been writing as if my family will eventually read all of this, following the ethical plan of never do anything you wouldn't want to be on the front page of the newspaper. They might be shocked, they might be offended at my use of 4 letter words, but they wouldn't be horrified [I hope]. Several old friends know that John has a blog, and they might end up finding me through him. Not a problem, although I haven't been trumpeting this blog either. A certain couple I know have significant concerns with any of their private information getting on the internet, so I have been careful not to talk about them and have specifically not mentioned this to them.

With other people, in the future I can easily imagine people reading this would lead to complications. For example, I had come out to several people at work, but that didn't seem to be spreading as a rumor. Coming out as a Bush and War on Terror supporter might have been more problematic. With clients, it gets even messier.

So. Basically, I'm trying to be a little bit open, which is sort of like being a little bit pregnant.

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