November 02, 2004


The other thought is that while watching Kill Bill my friends noted that another friend probably wouldn't watch it, because of the "cruelty."

Initially, that seemed silly. The world is cruel. Life is cruel. Forcing a little boy to stick himself with an insulin needle is cruel. I almost think that's one of the most important lessons of medical school - you can't save everyone, so you do your best and you can help some of them.

Yet. Driving back home I started thinking. "Cruelty free" cosmetics. People who are vegetarians because they can't bear to think of the animal that went into the meat. Conversations I've had about theoretically cruel things the food industry does, which prevent more pain. People concerned about "sweat shops," which turn out to be thought of as good jobs, which then vanish after US public outcry.

Man, I can't spell today. Hooray for spell checkers.

Anyway, was I too cruel? Not cruel enough? [jobwise] Too concerned about others lack of cruelty? Wanting management to be less cruel?

Don't know.

Anyway, vote. Seems like turnout is going to be big.

Line from a book I finished today: "A liberal is a conservative that has been arrested."

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