November 08, 2004


Once again we have the master showing why he's the greatest:

1)God-Fearing Freedom Eggs Baked in a Bacon-studded circular fashion
2)Gnat at the piano concert
3) I知 a live & let-live sort of guy when it comes to this; I知 in favor of civil partnerships, legal protection in the workplace, hospital visitation rights, societal-wide acceptance of the utterly NO DUH notion that gay relationships have the same essential emotional qualities of straight relationships. I support gay adoption - unless there痴 a M/F couple in line, in which they should get preference. That has nothing to do with sexual identity or heterosexual chauvinism. I think a kid does best growing up exposed on an elemental level to both male and female characteristics; does that make me a raging bigot? Can we not even talk about that?

Works for me.

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