November 14, 2004


So, this weekend went rather well. Went to the Texas Renaissance Festival yesterday, met up with a friend, his wife, and other friends of theirs, and hung out. Fun. Got a Christmas gift for my sister.

Various revelations, including the fact that the friend of a friend was a pot smoking Eagle scout. More talk which led me to think about how my life could have turned out differently. Who knows.

Somehow got stuck in psychiatrist mode, thinking about how the choices people made for "garb" involved projection. Had to wonder about various barbarian costumes, guy in red and black leather armor with metal spikes everywhere. Freud would have had a field day.

Friend's wife was strongly anti-Kerry, very glad he lost. Her son [friend's stepson] is in the Marines, this week working on being certified to land on an aircraft carrier. Good luck.

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