January 02, 2005


The original plan was for my sister and 2 of her friends to come down to Galveston and play as part of an annual wake party for Townes Van Zandt, and then spend the night in my apartment. What ended up happening was that only my sister came down, I made dinner [something close to Hoppin John, green salad, and pork chops with some lemon pepper], she went over while I watched the end of the Rose Bowl, and then I went over [to The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe] for about an hour.

Not the sort of music I ever voluntarily listen to, but it wasn't too bad, and parts were good. My sister's violin music added quite a bit to the guitar playing singers, as long as she didn't overwhelm the song. Then a 4 piece acoustic band with a singer with a voice like he had just chain smoked 3 packs of camels came on, and I bailed.

Chomps would have been going crazy. The liberal, long-haired, beards that had never been cut contingent was high.

One joke: "When I was first going out with my wife, she told me she wanted to do it doggie-style, so I peed on her carpet and humped her leg. I didn't do it again after she rubbed my nose in it. Now we always do it doggie style, I beg and she rolls over and plays dead."

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