January 06, 2005


Instapundit links to the article currently posted in WIKIPEDIA about his site. Copied completely here, since I bet it will change soon:

Instapundit is a U.S. political weblog produced by Glenn Reynolds, a wingnut law professor at the University of Tennessee. It is one of the most widely-read blogs in the world. Because he has inspired countless imitators, Reynolds is sometimes called the BlogFather.

The content on InstaPundit reflects the interests and biases of its editor. It is sometimes considered a War Blog because of its frequent sympathetic coverage of America's war on terrorism and war in Iraq. Other common topics are technology (such as nanotechnology and space exploration), individual liberty, domestic politics, the media, and the blogosphere as a social phenomenon.

Most of the content consists of links to other sites, often with brief comments. Reynolds often displays a libertarian slant which tends to favor free markets and to distrust bureaucratic action in both economic and personal affairs. Critics charge that the site has become increasingly partisan, with a tendency to provide positive coverage of Repuglicans and negative coverage of Demoncrats, although Reynolds supports such Democratic platforms as civil unions, abortion rights, and stem cell research.

Because of its popularity, an Instapundit link to another site can cause the traffic of that site to spike. Such an increase is often referred to as an "instalanche" (http://www.samizdata.net/blog/glossary_archives/002000.html), an Instapundit avalanche.

Reynolds runs Instapundit with less personal investment than most bloggers, and thus encourages readers to explore the blogosphere at depth for both impartiality and a richer array of content.

Glenn is shown in the "I had an abortion" T-shirt.

I wonder if the problem with Wikipedia is that there is no history or accountability, at least to the casual user. There have been other times I've wondered what other people had posted on Wikipedia, that was then redone by someone else.

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