January 14, 2005

Good vs Evil

A while back I mentioned a simplistic version of who's good and who's evil - a good person considers how his action will affect the group, an evil person considers how his action will affect only him. I've decided that thinking that way my problem at work was everyone who considered me to be in their "group" left, but I still considered everyone to be in my group. Makes things unbalanced.

So, went to visit a friend this evening. We played with his kid for 30-45 min [1 year old], he got put to bed, then we talked some and played Magic the Gathering. His wife got back from a trip to the mall and immediately called us losers a couple of times, in a not particularly joking way.

Thinking about it I feel like I should get mad, but my reaction is more "whatever." I'll accept the label "geek," and maybe "nerd" or "fag," but I'm not impressed with "loser" from someone with no job and few job skills.

By the way, she apparently crushed my friend in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit recently. I think ...

Hmm. Random thought - she's fairly strongly Christian, sings in the choir at the local yuppie Methodist church, couple of crosses around the house, large wooden board with theoretical Bible quote in kitchen. I wonder if she thinks homosexuality is a sin. She was somewhat more curt with me today than in the handful of other times I've met her, but she may be under some stress.

Their kid is cute though. I made him laugh a lot playing with a ball. Man, he's got a lot of toys.

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