January 28, 2005

Livebloging, take 2

Silverleaf just finished [even though they could have played for 15 more minutes]. Liked em. I think the guy's a better singer than Faceplant's, but that could just be my preference for rock over hiphop.

The tobacco, alcohol, firearm guys are out carding people who look like they're underage and drinking. Including the cute bassist. Unfortunately, I think he's straight, as he and another guy went off with two chicks and haven't been back.

Somewhat cold, to the point my drink of choice is going to be hot [cocoa and kaluha, i think]. No rain though.Not a whole lot of people, easy to get up to the stage, not enough to lower inhibitions enough for the chicks to be flashing for beads.

Ears still ringing.

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