January 28, 2005

Take 4

7 Mary 3 just finished. Good concert, rocked the house. Crowd favorites clearly off the American Standard album; specifically Cumbersome, Water's Edge, and Devil Boy. They had some equipment trouble in the beginning - couple of strings broken - but settled into the groove after that.

My favorite was probably the incredibly twisted version of Elanor Rigby.

Band members older than the other bands [not surprising, they've been around longer]. All attractive.

One chick got up on her boyfriend's shoulders, took off her coat, and flashed her breasts after getting some beads. No cop interfered. Expect some more of that tomorrow.

2 friends are supposedly coming down tomorrow. Big music fans, one's in a band that has been together for a while, but has had trouble keeping a lead singer. Should be fun. The question of course is should I come out as a blogger to them. They know I'm gay. They are in theory straight, although I don't think they're actively practicing their heterosexuality. Maybe they''ll get a chance tomorrow.

I forgot to get crushed ice today, I'll have to get it tomorrow.

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