February 06, 2005


I'm heading up to the Tiny Texas Town tomorrow, to make sure my grandfather and brother are all right, and to do some odd jobs. I'll only have a dialup connection at times, so posting may be spotty.

I've been having/remembering a lot more dreams than usual. Why, I don't know. I hope I'm not becoming prophetic, though, since I had a dream that would seem to indicate that a friend from medical school is dead. [I don't think that's it; his family has moved since I last had contact with them 2 years ago and he's in the military]

Wandered around some, decided not to watch the Super Bowl in a bar.

What did I find out this weekend? A person I know may have/have had breast cancer. Mainland Center has closed [at least its inpt psych unit], and UTMB's adult beds, instead of shrinking as I had read a couple of months ago, has increased, with 6 attendings and they are trying for 2 more residents to cope.

I almost wonder if I've got Asperger's, since dealing with really fucked up people seems easy and dealing with "normal" people seems hard. I don't think that's it, I think it's more a confused upbringing and maybe some slightly off personality traits. But still. It gets annoying.

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