February 12, 2005

SciFi Beefcake

TexasBestGrok links to a survey of SciFi guys, in the manner of his World Famous Sci Fi Babes.

So, the choices are Keanu Reaves, Brad Pitt, [both instantly recognizible to me from several films], Joaquin Phoenix [my initial impression: who? my impression after googling him and going to the fansite: "his stance as a committed vegan and his support for animal rights continue to have an effect both in Hollywood and amongst his fans" AAARRGGHH], and Michael Biehn [instantly recognizible from the pic, his IMBD listing shows quite a few other movies I havn't seen, excluding The Abyss and Aliens].

Sorry, committed vegan and animal rights supporter, I don't care what you look like, you loose. I don't understand the Brad Pitt attraction, and Keanu Reaves is just too weird [although I will try to see Constantine on opening night [this Friday!]][hmm, horrible reviews on IMBD, maybe not]. So Michael Biehn gets my vote, Joaquin Phoenix gets kicked out of bed.

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