March 13, 2005

SciFi Projection

So what's your favorite scifi and what does it mean about you?

Ms. Lanius ought to be worried.

Talking about the current Battlestar Galactica:

You are in the sci-fi set most likely to be into soap operas, even occasionally. Melodrama is a big part of youe life. (Tim has just woken up. There's enough hot water left for maybe one shower. Will he have time to rinse? Stay tuned next week...)

The wackiest description is in the comments, on Larry Niven:

You've worked out, in detail, the sex lives of most aliens. Even the non-humanoid ones like Jabba the Hutt. You pride yourself on knowing what rishathra means, you envy people who are anally probed by aliens, and there's a good chance you're a closet furry. Despite spending most of your waking life dwelling on deviant sexual practices, or perhaps because of, you're 36 years old and still a virgin.

Hat Tip:GeekPress

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