March 16, 2005


I used to read Corsair the Rational Pirate when I was killing time at work. Ran into his blog again.

He quotes a guy in his local paper:

Proper behavior is only reliably defined by the Judeo-Christian worldview. Even those who will not believe in God borrow from the the Christian intellectual capital every day. They will agree that stealing, lying, incest or other behavior are wrong and that concepts like free elections, private ownership and equality are good, but natural law (evolution), humanism, socialism, atheism and other worldviews offer no foundation for these beliefs. It is only be appealing to God of the Bible that we can make sense out of what behaviors are right or wrong or which concepts are virtuous.

I don't think, as the pirate does, that this guy is necessarily unintelligent. I do think the chances of us having an intelligent conversation is pretty low - our basic axioms conflict.

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