March 18, 2005

The Ultimate Fighter

Puttering around, I found several posts I had writen that apparently got saved as drafts instead of being published. This one was dated Feb. 16, 2005; some comments added at the end.

Pne of the fun things about staying with family was watching tv shows I never see. Around my mother it's various mysteries. Around my dad it's usually sports. Around my grandfather it's Wheel of Fortune.

Around my brother this week, it was The Ultimate Fighter. It seemed like a take on Tough Enough, ie, a reality show showing just how hard it is to do professional wrestling, but working with UFC.

So, they are apparently several episodes into the program, and they end up relaxing a little and having a few or more drinks. Which is when the fireworks start. One of the contestants calls another a "fatherless bastard," knowing that the guy's father left his family when he was 2. The red headed guy takes this badly [duh], some male bonding goes on within the team, and the other guys keep picking at him. The red headed guy puts his fist through a window and a door.

So, the next day, the coaches have to figure out what to do. The red headed guy [who went to the ER, was ok] had to pay for damages, and the guys involved will end up fighting next week. Which, by the way, is the normal way for eliminations from the reality show to take place.

Calling someone a bastard, usually not a big problem. Specifically insulting someone with "a fatherless bastard," in college, at least some property damage would have been done. Which makes me want to tune in next week, and see the shit beaten out of this snot nosed brat. Of course, it may not be that simple, the red headed guy might get beaten up instead. Trial by combat, yippee.

Update: and in what was not a big surprise, the guy I was rooting for lost. Haven't watched any episodes since.

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