March 23, 2005

10 bucks a gallon

Timmer is posting on The Daily Brief, wondering about the price of gas.

Quite a few people talking in the comments about hydrogen fuel, and it's problems, including yours truly.

My question is, say in the next 5 years gas hits 10 bucks a gallon. [probably unlikely, but hypothetically]. Or 20. Then what? 3 bucks a gallon seems unlikely to make changes in the population, 10 bucks might.

Let's see.

Smaller, more fuel efficient cars.
Long commutes become hideously expensive, so people either move closer to work [reducing the desirability of suburbs] or constantly telecommute [meaning you could live anywhere].
Prices for most goods go up. The cost involved in moving things around becomes a significant portion of the total cost.
Free shipping on Amazon becomes a thing of the past. It's book section goes nearly all electronic download. Same thing for newspapers, probably.

Other thoughts?

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