April 26, 2005

His life, my life, I dunno

So, doing a random walk through peoples' blogrolls this afternoon, and I come upon GeekSlut. Warning: no X-rated pics, lots o X-rated content.

So, he's similar to me in several demographic areas, completely opposite in others. He contracted HIV in a time that it was usually an inexorable death sentence. [I'm neg, in case you wondered]. He has partied hard, has an automatic reflex to check how much illegal stuff he's carrying when he meets a cop, etc. He delays sex to play World of Warcraft. Conservative christian family. Bodybuilding tips, recommends lots of fiber for rather specific reasons. Likes Justice League, Stargate, and gay porn. He has some video and audio blogging. He seems to have stopped recently.

Could my life have been similar to his? Maybe. I haven't found much on his formative years. If I had the chance to trade lives with him, would I?

More realistically, should I try to aim my life to be more like his?

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