May 06, 2005

Star Wars

2 different reviews, one from BigFanboy, [hat tip: PvP], one from Variety, [hat tip: Volokh Conspiracy].

And if you're still in the mood, TexasBestGrok has a post of various Star Wars links, including the script.

Pete from A Perfectly Cromulent Blog has seen it, but his review isn't up yet. His comments:

That's kind of an extremist view. Parts ruled. Parts kind of sucked. I was wishing I had a fast forward button during the early Anakin-Padme scenes, but once Obi-Wan goes to Utapau to "arrest" General Grievous, it's essentially wall-wo-wall evil and lightsaber-fu, sprinkled with the requisite wooden dialogue and goofy made-for-videogame action sequences.

One Jar Jar scene, and he doesn't talk.

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