May 18, 2005


Puttering around on the Carnival of vanities, we come upon Bad Example, talking about Arianna Huffington's group blog.

In general I agree with what is said, but this bit is different:

Good blogging IS good writing. You don't just toss off a steaming pile of unfinished thought-crap, call it good, and wait for Lady Fortune to kick in your door toting buckets full of gold coins. Bloggers CARE about what they write, which is why they write it. Even on tiny posts, it's the blogger's best efforts that get published. They know it's not Hemmingway, but they do the best they can with what they have. Anyone who's struggled for half an hour tweaking a 3-line throwaway post knows what I'm talking about.
Emphasis mine. Dude, is spending 30 minutes writing a 3 line post that useful? If you're trying to write great literature, maybe it is. Of the blogs I read regularly, only Lileks' Bleat and Joe.My.God seem to be working towards that kind of writing.

Especially when your most recent post was on Glenn Reynolds and Porn for Penguins.

Update: On the other hand, I could understand if Protein Wisdom takes that long to write.

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