July 10, 2005

A Perfectly Cromulent Gathering

I went to Pete's gathering at Hans'Bier Haus yesterday. Pretty fun. Random thoughts:

1) Nearly every guy has facial hair, glad I regrew my goatee.
2) Pete does indeed have a beautiful wife and a lovely daughter. Unless they were actors hired for the occasion.
3) First time in my life hearing from a stranger "Hey, I've read your blog." Kinda cool.
4) Met the authors of two other blogs, namely Off the Kuff and Brains and Eggs. Both of which I would describe as left-of center, mainly politically focused blogs. Not really my cup of tea, but at least interesting and appear well writen. Looks like Brains and Eggs got restarted after the presidential election.
5) Speaking of which, is there a correlation between smoking and leftwing politics? I was somewhat surprised at the number of smokers there, and friends from elsewhere would seem to follow that pattern. Maybe having an external locus of control... if you feel like you can't solve your problems and need the government to do so for you, you would be less likely to try to quit?

So, a good time was had by all [as far as I could tell]. I'll probably go again if they have another one.

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