June 25, 2005

Willy Wonka vs Mary Poppins

What is Flig has a post wondering who would win in a fight, Willy Wonka or Mary Poppins?

My thought, of course, is that in every superhero comic, when you have superheros fighting, they usually end up joining together to fight off some horrible threat.

So: Willy Wonka, playboy CEO of a large company by day, crusader for justice by night. Mary Poppins, governness to small children and repairer of rifts in the space/time continuum leading to alternate realities.

Teamed up to defeat a giant chocolate stealing demon.

Kevin Smith directs and plays the part of the demon. We'll see how Johnny Depp does, we might want him back for Wonka again. Mary Poppins? Angelina Jolie: somewhat exotic, well able to handle a couple of snotty nosed brats.

Hey, it could happen.

Posted by Owlish at June 25, 2005 06:23 PM
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