June 24, 2005


It's clear I had a virus earlier this week. Runny nose, didn't feel well, not much else. Now, the nasal crap is doing better, but I still don't feel like doing much.

No fever, no aches, don't feel sleepy, don't feel depressed. Just feel more like it's a Saturday morning after a busy week, and I don't want to do anything.

This year's Pride celebration in Houston is tomorrow. I've never been to one before. So, the real question is, am I feeling afteraffects of a stupid cold, or am I more anxious about going than I consciously know?

I don't want to drive for an hour, wander around for 30 minutes, feel tired enough that I'm not enjoying anything, and drive back. But I don't want to be a complete veg either.

Not sure, but I bet I'm not going.

Oh, and driving today some suicidal bird dove under my tire. Cloud of feathers in my rear view mirror. My truck is now blooded.

Posted by Owlish at June 24, 2005 07:13 PM
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