June 06, 2005


Puttering around, found various things that seem to be converging:

Via Instapundit: This article in Wired which might be summarized by - now that we've got computers and communications that make Information Age type jobs too expensive for Americans to do, the next spurt of job growth is going to be in presenting the Information Age products to the consumer in individualized, empathic, design oriented ways. Virginia Postrel should be pleased.

Via Instapundit, through the Carnival of Capitalists: Coyote Blog has a post titled "Why do So Many Libertarians Blog?" Answer: libertarians like chaos, the internet resists all forms of organization, it's a match made in heaven. He also has a line that got me thinking:" ...libertarianism resists organization. Libertarianism tends to be a big tent that attracts everything from anarcho-capitalists to Cheech-and-chong-esque hempfest organizers to Larry-Flint style pornographers. For this reason, libertarianism defies efforts to brand it, which is a critical shortcoming since the two major political parties nowadays are much closer to brands than ideologically consistent philosophical alternatives. "

Various other thoughts on home buying, medical practice, and an abundance economy, but not sure how to fit them in. Will sleep on it.

Posted by Owlish at June 6, 2005 11:47 AM
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